Seat Belts, your dog should be wearing one! Or should they?

I would consider myself to be an expert in the field of pet transport. Pets 2 Places transports pets in a variety of ways, depending on the individual situation.

One thing that has been highlighted recently is the laws on pets being restrained. Yes your pet does need to be restrained, that is a fact. You could end up with a fine if you do not comply with this law. It can infact cause all kinds of problems with your insurance and in some cases even invalidate it so you end up footing the bill.

Woah woah woah, invalidates my insurance? Really? Ok so a dog wearing a seat belt and the invalidation of insurance are 2 separate issues.

Firstly your dog needs to be restrained, thats the law, Ok so we’ve covered that. But restrained how? The law states a dog must be in a boot with a dog guard or wearing a seat belt (I’ll come back to that)

Secondly, your dog is not allowed by law to travel in the front seat. This is where insurance comes in. If you were in an accident, the other party could claim your dog in the front seat distracted you. If this is proven to be the case then your insurance would be invalidated. Leaving you to foot the bill.

Wow, thats shocking news. So how DO you transport?

As a business we are bound by guidelines set out by DEFRA (Department of the Environment,Food and Rural Affairs) we therefore transport to the highest standards. To me though, if you are transporting your own pet, like your child, they are everything to you, why would you not want to transport them in the safest way possible?

Back to seat belts and why seeing so many posts on Facebook pop up about them drives me mad.

A seat belt is great, we use them a lot, but and thats a big but only if someone is sitting next to the dog wearing it. Generally when we transport our customers with their pets (depending on size) the dog is quite happy to sit next to their owner, with their seat belt on and the owner will quite happily give them a cuddle for the duration of the journey. This is why its fine. The owner is holding the dog, should sudden breaking happen the owner will still be holding the dog (at least we like to think so being that they are precious) 

A dog sat on their own with a seat belt on and god forbid attached to a collar, if sudden breaking occurs what do you think is going to happen to the dog? Not going to be sat on the seat I can tell you. A harness and seat belt may offer slightly more protection although depending on speed, size of the dog etc.

The best way to transport a dog if its just the driver and the dog, is in the boot with a dog guard. Or in one of those big seat covers that’s like a hammock on your back seat. Or if you have a well behaved dog in a dog car seat. Sometimes referred to as a booster seat.

If you love your pet look at the alternate wasy of transporting, yes it may cost a little extra but your dog is worth every penny.

And please if you think your dog sticking their head out the window, ears flapping in the wind is cute. Stop, but thats another story.

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