Who uses a Pet Taxi and Why?

A pet taxi is a relatively new concept even in the pet world. So, who uses one and where is it they go? Who uses a pet taxi? The answer to that is anyone and everyone. Who uses a pet taxi? Our customers come from all walks of life, from busy working professionals to elderly and disabled people. Both men … Read More

New Year, New Career – Maybe it’s time to look at a pet taxi business.

Since starting Pets 2 Places back in 2014, I have always welcomed (and been excited by) that good old conversation where someone asks me “So, what do you do?” Typically, this is what follows with that line of questioning… ‘I’m a taxi driver.’ ‘Oh really?’ ‘Yes but for animals not people.’ ‘Really? Where do you take them?’ And here’s the … Read More

Safely transporting your dog

We’ve teamed up with the K9 Nation Pack and created an article to help inform dog owners about transporting a dog safely. You can see a preview of the article here and find links to download the app for free to read the entire thing! You can also check out other articles, written by experts, covering a wide range of … Read More

The Pet Taxi that takes you where you need to go – even to A&E

Customer experience is everything at Pets 2 Places. How a customer feels after they have used the service means a lot to us and we know that this starts with treating each client, both human and furry, as an individual. Some of our customers need a lot of extra support, this could be putting their cat in the basket, carrying … Read More

Getting Holiday Ready

It is that time of year again where we all get a little more of a spring in our step as we countdown to our holidays.  I must confess I am a true holiday addict, they have been a huge part of our family life for over 20 years. I am not talking massive 2 week breaks somewhere hot (although … Read More