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Limited Pets Franchise Opportunities

Pets 2 Places are only offering 3 opportunities this year to join us, that’s just 3, across the whole country!

We have over 300 franchise areas, that’s 297 areas who cannot join us this year, who cannot gain the recognition of being the FIRST people to join Pets 2 Places.

Sorry guys, but this is a one time opportunity, you either jump in feet first or sit back and wait till next year.

The media coverage for the first 3 people is going to be amazing, it’s like being the Neil Armstrong of the pet taxi world. Yeah, who popped out second? Hhmmm can’t remember the guy’s name, Buzz something was it?

On the marketing course I’m on, the key learning is being the first. If you want to make a name for yourself, make sure you’re the first person to do something, and shout it from the rooftops. Whether the media coverage comes now or later, being the first is always going to be one of those proud moments when you know anyone else is just walking in your dust!

In Milton Keynes where Pets 2 Places was founded, we’ve had copycats, of course we have. People see the success of Pets 2 Paces and think, I’ll do that and they copy, right down to the prices we charge.

Do they succeed? No of course they don’t, because anyone who copies is never going to be successful in life, go-getters are the ones who will claim ultimate victory because they believed in something and they went for it.

I love that kind of passion and determination, you see a dream and you make it happen. That’s what I did, I literally sold my house to fund building Pets 2 Places because I believe in what I have created.

Its not for everyone, of course it’s not and that’s ok.

Some people don’t want the limelight, some people will not want the fame and fortune that comes with being the first people to join and that’s ok too.

I spoke to a guy I know who sells businesses for people. I wanted to check what a person who joins at the beginning can expect to achieve in 5 years and honestly, I was blown away. At the beginning, there’s always a lower price and a lot more support. With the risk you take comes much bigger financial rewards.

Again that’s not for everyone, if I had to decide if I was a big risk taker I would be inclined to say no, but then I sold my house and invested 6 years of my life into perfecting this business model with no guarantee it would work. So I guess that means I am

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think Pets 2 Places would be the huge success it is today and that’s at the beginning of the journey, image where we’ll be in 5 years.

Will you be one of the 3 brave enough to step into the limelight?

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