Frequently Asked Questions

No, Pets 2 Places is a unique transportation service, concentrating solely on transporting pets.
Appointments can be prebooked, booking ahead of time secures your time slot. Transported can be booked on the day subject to availability.
Yes Pets 2 Places are happy to offer assistance to the owner as well as the pet, we can help with anything from carry your bags, helping with your coat, putting a cat into a basket, assistance at the vets. We believe in going the extra mile for our customers to ensure a stress free experience.
Pets 2 Places use adapted vehicles meaning we can transport animals safely and securely, we can pass on any concerns you have to the vet and collect medication you may need and inform you of the vets recommendations.
No pets 2 Places will take your dog to the groomers in our secure vehicle, wait for the call and collect again at the end. We can arrange your next appointment for you too.
Like any taxi we can only accept cash. If you require a receipt one can be issued.
Yes, Pets 2 Places has all the relevant insurance which can be seen on request. We use a vehicle that is adapted for the use of transporting pets safely and securely.