Puppy Collection Service

Pets to the Vets

If you have recently purchased a puppy from a breeder, or indeed if
you are a breeder looking for a reliable pet taxi service where the
puppy will be treated with the same care and commitment to welfare as
you, then Pets 2 Places is here.

The 5 star puppy transport service

A puppy’s first major journey can be daunting for the little pup. Taken away from what they know and placed with a stranger in a vehicle is sure to cause some anxiety and we haven’t even accounted for the puppy finding their travel legs.

We are committed to providing a quality service where the well being of the puppy is our priority. For this reason we guarantee the following;

  • We only transport 1 puppy at a time, unless the new owner is buying more than one puppy from the breeder.
  • We use an animal welfare assistant, this means someone will be sat right next to your puppy for the duration of the journey to monitor them.
  • When the puppy is sick we will safely pull over, clean them up, put fresh bedding in their carrier, and make sure they are comfortable again before continuing the journey.
  • Regular breaks are taken to give the puppy a chance to drink and (if OK to do so) given the opportunity for a little walk.
  • We will contact you when we have collected the puppy and will report any concerns and our estimated time of arrival so you can prepare for your new addition.
  • This is a premium service to ensure that your puppy arrives in the best possible emotional state. As such the prices are more reflective of you taking a private taxi rather than a coach filled with other people.

This service is completely bespoke to each owner and priced accordingly so do please contact us with your requirements.

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