Love animals? Love people? Looking for a new career?

Limited Pets Franchise Opportunities Pets 2 Places are only offering 3 opportunities this year to join us, that’s just 3, across the whole country! We have over 300 franchise areas, that’s 297 areas who cannot join us this year, who cannot gain the recognition of being the FIRST people to join Pets 2 Places. Sorry guys, but this is a … Read More

Why you need a passionate guide for your business

I was a franchisee, I brought into a franchise, the buy in cost was a lot and the monthly fees, I felt, were considerable. Well, maybe I wouldn’t have felt that way had I actually got something for my money. So, what did I get for £12,000 investment? An operations manual is pretty much the answer. Seriously! I was incredibly … Read More

Flexibility, stability and awesome pets

It goes without saying, I LOVE what I do. After all, how many jobs are there where you get to cuddle puppies, clients appreciate what you do, and, as the boss, you get to fix your own working hours? But it wasn’t always like that. There was a LOT of long hours, marketing efforts that didn’t deliver results and a … Read More

New Year, New Career – Maybe it’s time to look at a pet taxi business.

Since starting Pets 2 Places back in 2014, I have always welcomed (and been excited by) that good old conversation where someone asks me “So, what do you do?” Typically, this is what follows with that line of questioning… ‘I’m a taxi driver.’ ‘Oh really?’ ‘Yes but for animals not people.’ ‘Really? Where do you take them?’ And here’s the … Read More

Why our company Ethos means so much

I remember taking our very first client to their vet appointment. It was exciting and, from chatting to the client on the journey, I instantly knew how valuable this service would grow to be. Not just a simple pet transportation service, this service would be different. It would champion the local community, providing not just pet transport but going above … Read More

Safely transporting your dog

We’ve teamed up with the K9 Nation Pack and created an article to help inform dog owners about transporting a dog safely. You can see a preview of the article here and find links to download the app for free to read the entire thing! You can also check out other articles, written by experts, covering a wide range of … Read More

Helping your dog feel safe this fireworks season

It is that time of year again, the time that has many pets, and their owners, in great distress. Yes, I am talking Fireworks. I do understand that for many people fireworks are great fun but for many pet owners, the apprehension that comes at this time of year is awful. Every year we see reports where dogs have been … Read More

The Pet Taxi that takes you where you need to go – even to A&E

Customer experience is everything at Pets 2 Places. How a customer feels after they have used the service means a lot to us and we know that this starts with treating each client, both human and furry, as an individual. Some of our customers need a lot of extra support, this could be putting their cat in the basket, carrying … Read More

Giving your puppy the best start in life begins with the journey home.

Getting a puppy has to be one of the most exciting times for a family and understandably so, that cute bundle of energy certainly makes you smile. Since the Covid pandemic it is widely reported that the sales of puppies have increased dramatically. For the lucky ones who managed to secure their new furry family member, the lockdown presented another … Read More

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Join a Pet Franchise

The Covid pandemic has taught us many things and presented us with huge challenges that no one ever expected. It has also given us a LOT of time to think. Among all the sad news articles there has been so much positivity surrounding a more relaxed pace of life, the enjoyment is spending time with family and the strength and … Read More