Selecting a pet photographer

At Pets 2 Places we know the importance of capturing the personality of your beloved pet in a photo. We are thrilled to have Pet Photographer Nicki Cameron share her insights and expertise in this blog on finding the right pet photographer for you. If you decide to book a professional photograph of your dog,  what is the best way … Read More

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

This is an expression I have heard a lot recently. You see I thought it would be a good idea to buy a house and renovate it! Ha. If you’ve seen the film The Money Pit with Tom Hanks, that’s my life. The daily frustration of how slow the build is going, the chaos of living in a building site. … Read More

Feeling the love for Pet Travel Safety Awareness

It has certainly been a busy few days and this is why… Pet travel is not just my business – I am very fortunate to do a job I love. But here’s the thing – safely transporting pets is a different matter – this is my passion, helping to educate the public and other pet services on how to correctly … Read More

How to find the perfect dog for you

If you’re thinking about getting a dog, there’s a few things to consider to make sure you find the perfect pet for you. Justine Williams from Our Family Dog, a website for first-time dog owners, explains more. Choosing the right breed or type of dog for you Do you already have an idea of the type or breed of dog … Read More

Travelling with dogs safely, checklist

It’s that time of year again, the beach is calling, the parks and lakes are just a stone’s throw away. Now is the time to start thinking about travelling with your dog safely. You’ve checked the weather, you’ve packed the picnic, now it’s time to load the dog into the car and off you go. But there’s some important things … Read More

Why picking up rescue pets is important to me

A special place in my heart is reserved just for this service. I love rescue pets, and I love it when customers call to book this service. There are rescue centres up and down the country full to brim with pets all needing new loving homes. Even more so since lockdown. Help Is Needed Now A story by the Daily … Read More

Who uses a Pet Taxi and Why?

A pet taxi is a relatively new concept even in the pet world. So, who uses one and where is it they go? Who uses a pet taxi? The answer to that is anyone and everyone. Who uses a pet taxi? Our customers come from all walks of life, from busy working professionals to elderly and disabled people. Both men … Read More

Goodbye Lockdown; Hello Freedom

We are allowed out again! Yay Almost allowed out, to some places. It’s a start. Where can you go? Currently to the parks, beaches, lakes, over to see friends, family. And at long last we can book that holiday – well in the UK at least! The great news is we can share this hard earned freedom with our beloved … Read More

Love animals? Love people? Looking for a new career?

Limited Pets Franchise Opportunities Pets 2 Places are only offering 3 opportunities this year to join us, that’s just 3, across the whole country! We have over 300 franchise areas, that’s 297 areas who cannot join us this year, who cannot gain the recognition of being the FIRST people to join Pets 2 Places. Sorry guys, but this is a … Read More

Why you need a passionate guide for your business

I was a franchisee, I brought into a franchise, the buy in cost was a lot and the monthly fees, I felt, were considerable. Well, maybe I wouldn’t have felt that way had I actually got something for my money. So, what did I get for £12,000 investment? An operations manual is pretty much the answer. Seriously! I was incredibly … Read More