Feeling the love for Pet Travel Safety Awareness

It has certainly been a busy few days and this is why…

Pet travel is not just my business – I am very fortunate to do a job I love. But here’s the thing – safely transporting pets is a different matter – this is my passion, helping to educate the public and other pet services on how to correctly transport pets to minimise the risk of injury, losing your pet or possibly even death should an accident occur.

This is why I registered Pet Travel Safety Day – an awareness day where we take an extra second to think about how we are transporting that beloved furry family member.

The feedback has been amazing, we had a journalist tweeting about us, which resulted in lots of retweets, comments on her tweets and people engaging and finding out about who we are.  Retweets from our own tweets and gained a bunch of new followers on Twitter. And we are busy working on a new project to help ensure your beloved furries are safe and secure on the road so remember to follow us on social

If you didn’t manage to catch us on Pet Travel Safety Day, no problem, join in with our quiz to be sent your personalised top tips on how to transport your pet.

The first-ever Pet Travel Safety Day was 1st July 2021. Marking the 30 year anniversary it became law for all passengers to wear a seat belt in a car.

Here are some other interesting facts about the evolution of car safety:

  • Children’s car seats although have been about since the 1930s were not a legal requirement until 2006!!
  • Children’s car seats were originally invented as a way to contain children so they wouldn’t distract the driver. The same is currently true for dog car restraints.
  • The AA, yes the big yellow break down people, was started in 1905 by volunteers, they only started to warn motorists of police speed traps, nothing to do with breakdowns!
  • The first motorway to open in the UK was the M6 in 1958.
  • There are now 34 million cars on the UK roads today.

Phew with that many people on the roads we really need to make sure our pets are safe and secure.

Why not pop over to our blog on travelling safely with pets:

Hope you enjoyed our Pet Travel Safety Day, we look forward to celebrating again with you next year 1st July.

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