Flexibility, stability and awesome pets

It goes without saying, I LOVE what I do. After all, how many jobs are there where you get to cuddle puppies, clients appreciate what you do, and, as the boss, you get to fix your own working hours?

But it wasn’t always like that. There was a LOT of long hours, marketing efforts that didn’t deliver results and a whole lot of time getting to grips with social media. All this on top of trying to do the actual work of a pet taxi service.

Fast forward to now and I have a great business. I have regular clients and a great support network of businesses who happily recommend me. I can schedule my workload and have the flexibility to take some me time. Knowing I have a stable business where I am in control of how and when I work is not just financially rewarding – it has been massively beneficial to my emotional wellbeing.

Reflecting back over 2020 – and all the associated chaos of a global pandemic – there was a stark reminder of just how important Pets 2 Places is to our local community. Moreover, we had a huge increase in the number of enquires from outside our area.

There is a massive (and growing) demand for pet transportation. And a LOT of people that have found themselves without job security based on the pandemic.

So, this year, I have made a bold decision regarding the Pets 2 Places franchise opportunity.  I want to really focus on helping the franchisees build a great business and so there will only be 5 franchises available throughout 2021.

I have experienced first hand what it is like to be a franchisee in an unsupported network. Where the only thing that mattered was your monthly franchise fees and there was little help in how to grow your business. This memory was my driving force in creating the Pets 2 Places franchise. Pets 2 Places is an award winning business, recognised for its innovation and care towards customers and the franchise network will embody that.  

Pets 2 Places is now a member of the fabulous Encouraging Women Into Franchising and we are currently undertaking accreditation with British Franchising Association as well. There has been a lot of investment made in sales and marketing programmes that form part of your training and support package.  

If you are

  • An animal lover (yes, even when they are smelly and refusing to move)
  • A people person – someone who can not only start a conversation, but actually listen to what is being said
  • Looking for an opportunity to build your own business based on an award winning blueprint

Then I would love to hear from you. Take a look at our franchise page for more details.

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