Getting Holiday Ready

It is that time of year again where we all get a little more of a spring in our step as we countdown to our holidays. 

I must confess I am a true holiday addict, they have been a huge part of our family life for over 20 years. I am not talking massive 2 week breaks somewhere hot (although that would be great too). Any holiday, even a night away, anywhere from little caravan trips in the UK to more exotic destinations and everywhere in between.

Holidays are important. We are living in such a hectic and fast-paced world with increasing pressure to always be connected, it is vital we take time to switch off and unwind and a holiday gives us that perfect opportunity to do so. And it is not just the holiday itself, our emotional wellbeing is actually more positive when we have something to look forward too. For me, whenever I am busy trying to keep up with juggling work, home and family life, the thought of my upcoming holiday keeps me going.

We have 3 dogs so we always do at least one holiday in the UK where we can take our beloved furry family members with us and then for any others where they may not be quite so welcome, the furries get to enjoy their own mini vacation staying either with friends or at the kennels.

In my business I get to speak to many owners every day and I was really saddened a couple of years ago when a customer said to me that they would love to go on holiday with their dog and enjoy a break by the seaside but the logistics with trying to arrange it was just so stressful with at least 2 different trains and the long journey times. I offered to take them both to their destination and then pick them up after their holiday and this has now become a regular booking and my customer includes me as part of the holiday booking process.

The fact is that, as much as we look forward to our holiday, booking a holiday, or even an overnight stay, can get horribly complicated when you need to consider pets. Not everyone can rely on a friend or family member to pop in and walk and feed the animals and kennels have specific times for dropping off and collecting your animals that do not always fit with the timescales. Invariably this means more cost and having the house without your beloved baby for a couple of days more than necessary.

This is where Pets 2 Places can help.

We can collect your pet on the day that they need to be transported to the kennel, at the right time and then safely bring them home and feed them ready for your arrival.

For more details on our holiday services simply drop us a line.

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