Keeping Pets and Owners Happy During Fireworks

It is that time of year again, the time that has many pets, and their owners, in great distress. Yes, I am talking Fireworks.

I do understand that for many people fireworks are great fun but for many pet owners, the apprehension that comes at this time of year is awful.

Obviously loud bangs and bright lights affect animals in different ways, much the same as humans. One of my dogs is absolutely terrified of them, by contrast, my friends Rottie loves to sit and watch the fireworks.

The issue is that you just don’t know. Already this year a welsh terrier was so scared by an unexpected bang from a rocket that he darted away from his owners on his walk and straight info a busy road. The result was that this poor dog needed emergency veterinary treatment after being dragged under a car, traumatic for the dog, the owner and also the driver of the vehicle.

There are many aspects to fireworks that give them a bad reputation in the pet owner community and the majority of grievances stem from a lack of consideration and communication. Here are the top issues our clients face around fireworks night.

Organised displays

Organised displays are great as they are often well publicised and people can prepare for them. The downside is that they tend to be really loud and very bright with a lot of people attending. As such many owners delay walking their pets until area should be cleared. Running on time and providing an estimation of how long the display is likely to last is very much appreciated.

Domestic displays

Communication is key. If you can’t/don’t want to go to an organised display and are looking at having fireworks in your garden let people know. Tell people when and what and stick to it. Do bear in mind that the debris from fireworks can travel a fair distance and end up in your neighbours garden and cause gastrointestinal upset in dogs so do think about what you are sending up into the air and give people enough warning so they can check their gardens before letting out their animals.  

Random fireworks

Despite tighter controls coming in, and even Sainsburys making the bold decision to not sell fireworks at all, we still see a lot of random let-offs where people think this is funny. Please ensure your kids know and appreciate how dangerous this can be, not just to pets but to humans too.

If you are a pet owner looking to keep your pets safe and comfortable check out this amazing graphic produced by the RSPCA.

Good luck and enjoy fireworks safely and responsibly.  

Advice for pet owners during the fireworks season Infographic - RSPCA

Advice for pet owners during fireworks season.
An infographic created by the RSPCA

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