Pets 2 Places offer a pet taxi to the vets.

vetsFor one simple price we can collect you in our pet taxi, take you to the vets, wait with you or assist you if required and take you home again.

Vet trips can be to your local vet or a vets outside of your area, like a specialist hospital for example.

Please state when you contact us if your pet has any additional requirements, such as they have collapsed and the stretcher will be required, or if they are not very mobile and may require extra assistance getting in the car.

We have a range of equipment we use in different circumstances that are not always carried on board due to space constraints.

We are happy to assist you and your pet in any way we can.

The care of our customers and their pets is our utmost priority when travelling with us. Please do inform your driver if you have any additional comments whilst using our pet taxi service.

Pets 2 Places are used to dealing with a range of instances at the vets, whether its your pets annual booster, end of life or a sudden illness. Our staff are fully trained to deal with all and any situation. Our staff are hand picked for their caring and compassionate nature, and will be happy to support you at your appointment if needed.

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Our service is tailored to suit each individual customer, whether you do not need assistance and we can wait in the car, or you would like us to keep you company in the waiting room, or if you would like the extra assistance we offer in the vets room. That way you can focus on what the vet is saying .

 We use the utmost discretion when dealing with customers.

For additional information please use our contact form to see how we can help you with getting your pet to the vet.

Specialist Animal Hospital

The same as for the vets, we can take you and your animal or just your animal if you are unable to go.

“Thank you so much for your help today, taking Millie to the vets after her accident. Highly recommended service, quick to attend, put me at ease, and trusted my pet to your care. Thank you again. xx”

Puppy Transport

If you have recently purchased a puppy from a breeder, or indeed if you are a breeder looking for a reliable pet taxi service where the puppy will be treated with the same care and commitment to welfare as you, then Pets 2 Places is here.

The 5 star puppy transport service

A puppy’s first major journey can be daunting for the little pup. Taken away from what they know and placed with a stranger in a vehicle is sure to cause some anxiety and we haven’t even accounted for the puppy finding their travel legs.

We are committed to providing a quality service where the well being of the puppy is our priority. For this reason we guarantee the following;

  • We only transport 1 puppy at a time, unless the new owner is buying more than one puppy from the breeder.
  • We use an animal welfare assistant, this means someone will be sat right next to your puppy for the duration of the journey to monitor them.
  • When the puppy is sick we will safely pull over, clean them up, put fresh bedding in their carrier, and make sure they are comfortable again before continuing the journey.
  • Regular breaks are taken to give the puppy a chance to drink and (if OK to do so) given the opportunity for a little walk.
  • We will contact you when we have collected the puppy and will report any concerns and our estimated time of arrival so you can prepare for your new addition.
  • This is a premium service to ensure that your puppy arrives in the best possible emotional state. As such the prices are more reflective of you taking a private taxi rather than a coach filled with other people.

This service is completely bespoke to each owner and priced accordingly so do please contact us with your requirements.

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Pets 2 Places can transport your pet to the groomer.

Our fully equipped pet taxi will collect your dog or cat at the agreed time, take them to the groomer and collect them again when they are ready.

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groomersWe can make your next appointment for you if you require us to.

We work with all local groomers, should you wish to visit a groomer outside of the local area we would be happy to assist but may have to charge an additional small fee.

Please let your pet taxi driver know if you have a message to pass along to your groomer, for example if your pet is not their normal self that day.

We would recommend you let your groomer know your grooming requirements directly. Pets 2 Places cannot be held responsible for any miscommunication on cut/style.

Pets 2 PlacesWe will always give your dog the opportunity to go to the toilet before getting in the car before their groom and again on collection.

We are insured to be key holders, we have many busy working professionals who chose to use the convenience of a pet taxi for their dog/cat grooming requirements.

Our staff are hand picked for their professionalism, kind and caring nature. Are all enhanced DBS checked. Dog first aid trained as well as undergoing our extensive staff training.

Your dog/cat will be travelling in our fully adapted vehicle under strict DEFRA guidelines.

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Pets to the Kennels or Cattery

kennels-catteryPets 2 Places are used to transporting pets to kennels or catteries in our pet taxi.

We can offer this service with or without an owner present.

Our pet taxi is fully adapted to DEFRA guidelines to transport your pets safely and securely.

Pets 2 Places only offers transport to one family’s animals at a time so your pet will have our undivided attention. No other animal will be travelling with you or your pet.

Our pet taxi can transport your pet to any kennels or catteries including any out of area.

Why not ask us if you are looking for a recommendation? At Pets 2 Places we make it our business to get to know our fellow animal workers and will be happy to offer you an unbiased opinion.

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catteryWe also transport to home boarders in and out of area.

Most kennels and home boarders will require an initial visit for your dog. We are happy to assist you with this and can wait whilst you are looking around and making sure you and your pet are happy.

Need a pet taxi to day care? Pets 2 Places would be happy to offer transport on a daily basis or just one off.

Whatever service it is you require, we tailor our pet taxi to suit your specific needs.

We are insured to be key holders too so if your flight is delayed for example we can still collect your dog/cat for you so you don’t have to pay any additional kennel/cattery fees.

All of our drivers are holders of enhanced DBS checks for your peace of mind and are hand picked for their kind and caring nature.

Check out our Facebook reviews to see what other customers thought of the service: @pets2places

“Pets 2 Places has been taking my dog to the kennels on a daily basis for quite a few months now. I am really pleased with the service. I was a bit nervous at first as my dog is a rescue, but he loves Claire and goes happily with her which is really reassuring as he doesn’t like to travel. Pets 2 Places provide a very professional reliable service. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.”

Pets 2 Places offer a pet taxi to your holiday destination

services-holidayPets 2 Places can take you anywhere in the UK. Pets 2 Places do not transport outside of the UK.

Our pet taxi can collect you from an address of your choice, with your pet, any friends/family you may be travelling with. Your luggage and any hand luggage.

You choose your destination, this could be a caravan park, a lodge or hotel. Where ever it is you are going we will be happy to take you right to the front door.

Its so convenient to use our door to door service, it takes all the hassle out of going on holiday.

No train time table to keep to, no changing trains 4 times or having to ‘mind the gap’ with a dog in tow.

Our pet taxi will take all the stress out of your journey.

This has been a very popular service, take a look at what our current holiday customers say about the service:

Facebook: @pets2places

In order to give you a quote and assess the space we have we will need to know, how many people, how many pets, how much luggage and the postcode of the address you would like to be collected from and also the address of where you are going, please put this information on the contact form.

If its easier for us to collect your travelling companions from their home addresses we would be happy to do this.

Our pet taxi staff are dog first aid trained, enhanced DBS holders, go through an extensive training period and are hand picked for your piece of mind.

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“We wanted to take our dog over to my sister in laws to meet her new puppy and have dinner together at the same time. On a Friday night no one is willing to take a dog let alone a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. But Pets 2 Places arrived at the agreed time, took us across town and picked us up later. It’s great to know we have a bit of a social life with our dog in tow and not worry about how to get anywhere.”

Any other transport…

all other transportPets 2 Places is a bespoke pet taxi transport service, whatever transport you need for your pet; we can help.

Here are some of the other kinds of transport our customers have asked for:

  • Moving house; the removal truck is insured to transport all your household possessions but not your pets
  • Shared ownership of pets; separated couple’s may not wish to have contact with each other during their shared custody of the pets, no problem we can transport pets between owners. Our utmost discretion is used in these situations
  • Collecting a new furry friend from rescue or breeder; we are happy to assist with transporting your new pet
  • Relinquishing a pet; sadly it is not always possible to continue ownership of a pet, we are very understanding and compassionate should you find yourself in this situation
  • Deceased pet; sadly when an animal passes at home owners often call us to take to the vets or pet funeral venue.
  • Airport/ferry docks; going abroad or coming over from outside of the UK. This is becoming popular as people venture overseas for a new life

If there is a service we have not mentioned please do get in contact to see how our pet taxi can help you

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all other transportPets 2 Places have been providing a pet taxi service across the UK since 2014. Our staff are fully trained to deal with all circumstances. We use the utmost discretion and confidentiality with all of our customers.

Our staff all complete an extensive training programme to be a part of our company and are all enhanced DBS holders as well as being dog first aid trained.

Pets 2 Places is a highly valued service provider.

Our Facebook reviews are all 5* @pets2places