Pets to the Vets

If your animal needs to go to the vets, we can collect you and your animal, take you to the vets, wait with you/assist you, take you back home again. If you are unable to go with your animal due to illness/mobility or other reasons we can take your animal and will pass on any concerns.

Specialist Animal Hospital

The same as for the vets, we can take you and your animal or just your animal if you are unable to go.

“Thank you so much for your help today, taking Millie to the vets after her accident. Highly recommended service, quick to attend, put me at ease, and trusted my pet to your care. Thank you again. xx”
pet taxi to the groomers

Pets to the Groomers

We collect your dog, take them to the groomers. When we get the call your dog is ready, we will collect them and bring them home to you.

pet taxi

Pets to the Kennels or Cattery

If your animal is going into kennels or a cattery, we collect you and your animals (or just your animals) take them to the kennels/cattery, get them settled, and take you back home again. This is the same when collecting after their stay.

If an animal is going to kennels/boarding for the day, we would just transport the animal unless otherwise requested.

“Pets 2 Places has been taking my dog to the kennels on a daily basis for quite a few months now. I am really pleased with the service. I was a bit nervous at first as my dog is a rescue, but he loves Claire and goes happily with her which is really reassuring as he doesn’t like to travel. Pets 2 Places provide a very professional reliable service. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.”

Pets to Friends

Everyone needs a holiday from time to time, you shouldn’t have to miss out just because you have no transport. We can take you and your dog to any destination you would like to go. We collect you on your required date, take you to your holiday destination and collect you again on your specified date.

The amount of people and animals we transport depends on specific requirements.

“We wanted to take our dog over to my sister in laws to meet her new puppy and have dinner together at the same time. On a Friday night no one is willing to take a dog let alone a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. But Pets 2 Places arrived at the agreed time, took us across town and picked us up later. It’s great to know we have a bit of a social life with our dog in tow and not worry about how to get anywhere.”

Puppy Transport Practise

In order to get your puppy used to travelling we offer short journeys with a fun destination, this would normally consist of a 10 minute drive and 10 minutes of fun, i.e. a walk. We can also include a vet visit after the first session or two. Then we drive home again.

This can be used for older dogs too but more sessions may be needed.

pet taxi puppy transport

Anywhere else…

If there is a service you require that we have not mentioned, please call us. We cover any type of transport for pets, and cover any kind of domestic animal. Whilst furries are our main customer, we are happy to transport your pets, whatever they are.

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