The Pet Taxi that takes you where you need to go – even to A&E

Customer experience is everything at Pets 2 Places. How a customer feels after they have used the service means a lot to us and we know that this starts with treating each client, both human and furry, as an individual.

Some of our customers need a lot of extra support, this could be putting their cat in the basket, carrying the cat to the car, being an arm to hold onto when they walk to the car or just keeping them company in the vets.

Since the COVID pandemic hit, our service has had to evolve and adapt to support our customers. During the lockdown periods, a lot of our customers were shielding and so unable to leave the house, but their pet has still needed to go somewhere, for example, the vets. We also saw a huge increase in new customers during lockdown. Those people who would normally rely on friends or family had to find other ways to get their pet where it needed to go. A pet taxi was the perfect answer.

Going that extra mile

We strive to offer our customers the best service possible, what that means to each customer depends on each customer’s needs and understanding how these needs change over time – and even during an appointment!

Our most recent evolution of customer experience came when, instead of taking the customer to the vet, we took her to the A&E department. Normally on arrival at a customer, we greet them by name, ask if their pet is ready, again we like to greet by name. On this occasion, the customer was having trouble getting the cat into the basket. During the attempt to get the cat into the basket the owner was caught by a claw quite badly. It was clear that the owner needed treatment and so I contacted a nurse I happen to know, who popped in to review the situation. The injury required stitches so we cancelled the vets and I took the customer to the hospital. 

As the customer was blind, I followed our protocol of guiding her to the car, assisted with her seat belt and ensured she was escorted at the other end for safety and wellbeing. As patients at the hospital are not allowed to take anyone with them the customer was left in the expert hands of a nurse.

This is clearly not the normal situation for a pet taxi service to be administering first aid or taking owners to hospital, but our adaptability in our approach means it is all in a days work at Pets 2 Places.

Our customers value the service we provide, and they know we are so much more than a pet transport service. Pets 2 Places have built a community of customers, followers and advocates. When you use our service you can rest assured you are getting the best of the best. Nothing is ever too much trouble, you just need to ask.

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