There Has Never Been a Better Time to Join a Pet Franchise

The Covid pandemic has taught us many things and presented us with huge challenges that no one ever expected. It has also given us a LOT of time to think. Among all the sad news articles there has been so much positivity surrounding a more relaxed pace of life, the enjoyment is spending time with family and the strength and companionship our beloved pets have provided during lockdown.

As we start to hear about measures for returning to “normal” it raises a question of what the new normal will look like. The way we live, work and interact will be impacted.

But here’s the thing…

This new normal could be the stepping stone to a positive change in your life. If you have been one of the millions of workers placed on furlough there is a good chance you may have already been considering starting over.

I don’t mean sailing off into the sunset for life in the wilderness living off the land type starting over.

I mean the desire to be your own boss. For you to set the schedule and grow a business built on a passion that fits around your commitments and still pays the bills.

However, in uncertain times as we still are, the prospect of building a business from scratch can seem daunting and risky.

Why consider a franchise?

By buying into a franchise you are not only purchasing a business name and some marketing materials. You are limiting the risk involved as you are benefitting directly from the mistakes already made and the successful procedures implemented to make a business viable. You will also have a team behind you cheering you on and helping support your journey.

A Pets 2 Places franchise will give you

  • A defined and exclusive territory for you to develop your business
  • Full training on all aspects from handling pets and owners through to marketing your business and running your accounts
  • Uniform and signwriting for your vehicle to ensure people recognize your business
  • Your own website, email address and social media pages to help drive business
  • Ongoing support

I know first-hand the freedom and heartache that can come from being your own boss and this was my reason behind creating the Pets 2 Places franchise. I needed a job that worked around my family, that gave my strength to face challenges every day and that made me feel great about what I was contributing to my community. I built Pets 2 Places to be the leading pet taxi service in Milton Keynes and I have never looked back.

If you love animals, are great with people and have a dream of building your own business based on a proven formula then take a look at our video below.

There is plenty of support available to you to finance your franchise purchase including specialist bank loans to purchase a franchise business and the Government backed Start Up Loan that takes the form of an unsecured personal loan.

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