Who uses a Pet Taxi and Why?

A pet taxi is a relatively new concept even in the pet world. So, who uses one and where is it they go?

Who uses a pet taxi? The answer to that is anyone and everyone.

Who uses a pet taxi?

Our customers come from all walks of life, from busy working professionals to elderly and disabled people. Both men and women, young people, older people, people who work, people who are unable to work and everyone in between.

Why would someone need a pet taxi?

That is the beauty of a pet taxi – it is there for whatever your circumstance is at that moment in time…

You may not have your own transport.

You have your own transport but it’s at the garage/not working/off the road.

You may have just one car and do not have access to it for a particular appointment.

You may need the reassurance of having someone accompany you.

Or you could be a busy working professional, wanting to make the most of your downtime with their pet so we take care of the routine appointments for you.

Where can a pet taxi take you?

Customers and their pets go all over, from vets, groomers, kennels, on holiday moving house, visiting friends/family. Even to the airport and train station. And now we can get out to the pubs why not take your beloved pooch with you and enjoy that beer safe in the knowledge that we can collect you both and take you home.

A pet taxi really can take you and your pet anywhere they need to go, with or without you.

When could you use a pet taxi?

Some customers we see regularly, either their pet has a medical condition and needs regular vet trips. Regular grooming appointments. Regular visits to friends.

Some we see just a few times a year, whilst other customers we see once a year for the annual booster or their family holiday.

Then we have the ad hoc services such as our highly regarded puppy collection service to ensure your newest family member is given the very best care and attention when they make their way to their forever home.

Each customer is different and how often they use us differs, no two customers are the same.

What does a pet taxi offer?

The service a pet taxi provides depends on the customers, both human and furry.

Our service is provided using a car rather than a van so all customers can ride in comfort. We have invested in secure and safe transportation aids such as crash tested harnesses, carriers and crates to ensure your beloved companion is safe at all times. And we appreciate that one size does not fit all.

When we chat through your booking we will always take the full details of who we will be collecting and what additional support is needed. This helps us to prepare ahead of schedule, make sure we have the right equipment in the car so you can get on your way with no fuss.

Pets 2 Places are not just a pet taxi service but an essential service provider (we continued all throughout lockdown from the beginning). We’ve been taking people and their pets since 2014 and have won multiple awards including

Winner of the Best Pet Business 2019

Winner of the Best in Specialist Transport Services 2020

Winner of Pet Transport Specialist of the Year 2021

Take a look at what our customers say about us.

And next time you need to go somewhere with your pet, give us a call and see if we can help?

Or if you are an animal lover and looking for a new career why not join us? We are currently looking for dedicated individuals to join our franchise programme and set up their own local Pets 2 Places Franchise.

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