Why picking up rescue pets is important to me

A special place in my heart is reserved just for this service. I love rescue pets, and I love it when customers call to book this service.

There are rescue centres up and down the country full to brim with pets all needing new loving homes. Even more so since lockdown.

Help Is Needed Now

A story by the Daily Mail in January 2021 highlighted the problem, stating ‘hundreds’ of pets have been handed over (I fear it will be more like thousands as people start going back to their ‘normal’ life) to rescue centres such as Dogs Trust and the RSPCA. Not to mention the increase in pets for sale on websites such as Pets4homes and Preloved, with owners claiming ‘they no longer have the time.’

It breaks my heart to see a pet discarded like some kind of old worn out jumper, or those flares you loved for so long but now sit at the back of the wardrobe.

A pet is a living breathing, sentient being with thoughts, feelings, emotions and needs.

Their needs are not a lot. They need love, food, and exercise. Basically – attention and they have a lot to give in return.

A pet is part of the family, not to be discarded when it isn’t convenient anymore. That said, there are also very legitimate reasons why pets need to be rescued and for many, these rescue centres provide a lineline – a chance for a fresh start.

So, we do all we can to help. At Pets 2 Places we not only offer 10% off of our normal fee to collect a rescue pet, we also collect donations for local rescue charities. The last year has been a tough time for rescue’s not being able to fund raise in their normal ways at events. A lot have taken to online auctions, but they rely on donations of unwanted items to auction off.

Pets 2 Places to the rescue

At Pets 2 Places we are happy to put reminders out there on our social media channels asking for donations and we are happy to collect them and deliver them too.

We have a Rescue Saturday post every Saturday highlighting different rescues and how our followers can get involved. If we see a particularly sad story we share this on the page any day of the week, not just a Saturday.

We have a Last Day Rescue story every last day of the month to share the happy stories of rescue.

Why do we do this?

Because I have a rescue who I adore and she adores me. I’m so thankful for every day that I have with my rescue, she is such a beautiful soul as all rescue pets are. They just need a bit of time, lots of patience and endless love.

So whilst a pet taxi can do all we can to help, what can you do to get involved? Why not check out your local rescue? You may not be in a position to adopt a pet but I’m sure there’s loads of ways you can help out. Volunteering, fundraising, collecting donations, share their posts on social media – why not hold a bake sale or yard sale and donate the money raised to your rescue centre?

If you want to raise funds without even leaving your home why not try Doggy Lottery?

I’ll see you next time, good luck with the lottery!

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