Goodbye Lockdown; Hello Freedom

We are allowed out again! Yay

Almost allowed out, to some places. It’s a start.

Enjoying time in the park with my dog

Where can you go?

Currently to the parks, beaches, lakes, over to see friends, family. And at long last we can book that holiday – well in the UK at least! The great news is we can share this hard earned freedom with our beloved dogs.

Coming Out of Lockdown

It’s been a long year of not really being allowed anywhere, other than a walk in our own neighbourhood with the people we live with. There really hasn’t been a lot of other places to go.

So now we can finally spread our wings, where is it you are most looking forward to going?

You ask anyone the question and almost everyone says over to visit family and friends. If there is one thing we have learned in lockdown, its not to take the simple things in life for granted.

Lots of family gatherings planned, lots of parties, garden BBQ’s just in time for summer. The sun is shining, the family’s all round, and someone’s brought the wine.

But how about that furry member of the family? For many dogs up and down the country they have now become acclimatised to having their human around all day, every day. It is only natural that they will want to come along too (and maybe steal a sausage from the BBQ.)

A Pet Taxi

Pet taxies are becoming more known in the pet world, a taxi to take you and your pet wherever you want to go; If you don’t drive it’s the perfect answer, and if you do drive it’s still the perfect answer.

With all those social events booked up, it’s time to enjoy the freedom and bring your four-legged family member along for the adventure, it even gives you the opportunity to enjoy a glass of something! After a year of home schooling, working, and being in lockdown you deserve it.

Whether it’s to the beach, to the woods for peace and quiet, a family gathering or even a holiday, we will collect you, your dog and if you fancy taking the partner and the kids, them too. You can enjoy your escape safe in the knowledge that we will return you home at your agreed time.

Yes, that’s right, a pet taxi that takes you and your dog on holiday, Haven here we come!

A Taxi for Pets

So that’s all sorted then, diary at the ready, let’s start making plans to go places with the dog in tow. Where will you start? The beach? Family?

Take a look at our services page to see where we can take you:

Don’t forget we also cover transport for appointments and kennel bookings. So, if your dog needs to get to the groomers, vets or kennels, while you are busy, we can help.

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